9% Happier

The Power of Knowledge Library Framed Motivational Poster

The Power of Knowledge Library Framed Motivational Poster

Motivational Quote:

Every story that captures our imagination, every statistic that illuminates an idea, every viewpoint that enlightens the debate forces us to question our understanding of the world. Whether it ultimately changes our thinking or not is immaterial…the real value of knowledge lies in its ability to make us more complete.

9% Happier

I recently read a statistic that said for every happy, positive friend you have, your chances at happiness are 9% greater. Interesting thought.

Naturally, I began to run through my list of friends. We tend to attract people like ourselves into our circles, and even though I knew I came from heavily negative-thinking stock, I was sure I had changed enough to attract at least 50% of positive friends. No so. Just getting to 27% was harder than I thought – three people!

What did these people have in common? It wasn’t their physical stature. They were all shapes and sizes. It wasn’t their income. All incomes were modest at best. Was it their jobs? Each one of them enjoyed their job, so that might have something to do with it. However, they all had a positive view of the world in common. As I’ve noticed so many times before, it came down to attitude.

But how do you change your attitude? First, you might want to find one of your positive friends (if you don’t have any, making one would be your first step) and get together with them to specifically talk about their viewpoint, their core values, their dreams and their goals. Really listen to what they have to say without judgement (your negative self is very quick to make judgements). Think about what they’ve said and whether or not you can apply any of it to your life.

Then spend a day trying to be aware of negative thoughts. Each time one pops into your head, counteract it with a positive thought. For example: “It’s raining – now I can’t work in the yard today!” can be changed to “It’s raining – since I can’t work in the yard, I can start that book I’ve been wanting to read.” This is a small change, but once you start reinforcing the positive thought, you will naturally begin to change your attitude.

Try doing something nice for someone else – no strings attached. You can make this into a little game. Practice bestowing at least one kindness per day to a family member, coworker, neighbor, stranger – anyone! When you get better at this, try two per day and so on. When this becomes second nature, try being nice to a person who is NOT nice to you. You’ll be surprised how disarming and helpful this can be to both of you.

Practice might not make perfect in this case, but it will help you on the road to becoming a happier person. Then friends might be seeking you out to up their 9% happiness quotient.

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Ripple the Pond

Attitude Drop Motivational Poster

Attitude Drop Motivational Poster

Motivational Quote:

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Ripple the Pond

What if Rosa Parks thought, “Oh, I’m just one little person, what could I do to change anything?” She would never have held her ground on that famous bus ride that set into motion desegregation on buses and added power to the Civil Rights Movement.

What if Mother Teresa thought, “What can a young woman like myself really do to help the poor? What difference could I possibly make?” She would never have begun “The Missionaries of Charity” whose primary task is to love and care for the poorest of the poor.

What if Dr. Richard Pimentel didn’t fight for the rights of his friend with cerebral palsy (who was arrested at a pancake house for being too ugly)? The Americans with Disabilities Act might never have been passed.

These people made their “drop in the pond” really count by simply following their inner conscience. They had no idea that one little thing would lead to another and another until the world changed for the better.

Each person has an effect on another person. It can’t be helped. Your small kindness could have huge repercussions, rippling out into the unknown. In the book The Richest Man in Town, one man’s small kindness radiates out to effect thousands of people, perhaps hundreds of thousands.

I’m not suggesting radical change here. I’m suggesting that you follow your gut when it’s telling you to do something you know is right. Take litter for instance. If everyone in America were to pick up one piece of litter today, there would be at least 303,824,640 less bits of trash lying around. That’s quite a lot when you think about it.

So start rippling your pond in the way that’s right for you. Your actions might just go down in history.

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The Power of Politeness

Service Waterfall Framed Motivational Print

Service Waterfall Framed Motivational Print

Motivational Quote:

Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department…it’s an attitude.

The Power of Politeness

I recently had an interesting customer service experience.

I placed an order on October 29th for a holiday gift, thinking I had plenty of wiggle room. As time dragged on, I e-mailed the company several times with no response. Whenever I called, I had to leave a message with a robot. By the time I finally got through in mid-December, I was furious.

A soothing, gentle voice quickly said, “I’m so sorry to keep you waiting, what can I do for you?”

The relaxed tone of her voice coupled with the fact she began the conversation with an immediate apology dispelled my fury in an instant. After listening attentively to my grievance, she apologized again for the specific problem. She then offered several solutions and explained why the item was delayed and why the e-mails and phone messages were not answered. She was honest and specific about the reasons why.

Politeness is more powerful than one might think. It cuts through our tough exterior walls like a knife through soft butter. It brings human kindness into the mix. A kind word really does turn away wrath.

For some interesting takes on customer service, try reading The Simple Truths of Service gift book about a young man with Down Syndrome, or the Customer Love gift book.

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