Recognition Boosts Engagement and Aligns Employees with Company

The recognition of employees will help companies to better align employees with the objectives or any goals of a business. This is often done by reinforcing the basic behaviors that are tied to the results achieved by a business. The main outcome is the employees’ emotional connection with a company, as they will be more engaged.

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The New Workplace and Workforce

Organizations today are beginning to change to a flatter structure. This means employees will have more opportunities to thrive and collaborate. One aspect of this is being able take opportunities for having a significant increase in accountability and to take ownership of various tasks. The main aspect to realize is how cross-functional companies have evolved.

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Job satisfaction and loyalty is often challenging in today’s economic climate. The ability for a business to attract and retain quality employees will require moral boosting recognition and providing positive feedback that is consistent. There are many ways for a business to recognize employees. One aspect for a business to keep in mind is to have a work environment to ensure employee retention. The key to the future success of a business is being able to keep high performers motivated.

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4 Points for Creating a Positive Work Culture

A positive work culture relies on a core tenet that workers are the most important single asset of any company. Work situations can quickly turn toxic when the stated, or unstated, expectation is that each team member must go one better with each project. If a worker is only as good as his last triumph, it won’t be long before he will be looking over his shoulder, wondering who is gaining on him. This defeats the point of working together to build a strong company.

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Ten of the Best Companies to Work For

Fortune magazine has once again compiled its list of the ten best companies from the workers point of view. This 2014 roundup is a mix of high-tech, consulting, financial and construction businesses from around the United States. A brief synopsis of each company follows:

 One: Google

This internet behemoth, based in Mountain View, California but with a global reach, has a reputation for philanthropy. It’s stock stays strong, and the company has over a 20% job growth rate.

It is known for its amenities including fitness centers and cafes on campus.

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