Are You Micromanaging Your Employees?

Hovering irritates staff and gives managers ulcers. But it’s a fine line. How do you make sure the work is being done right, and on time, without interjecting yourself into the workflow? The answer at several companies is to let employees take accountability, to empower them to assume ownership of their jobs.

This doesn’t just happen. Management must set up a culture that feeds this proprietary sense of responsibility. Successful businesses who use this approach use five strategies to build a culture that supports accountability.

One. Bring workers on board who fit in.

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An Article on Dress Codes For Your Employees to Read!

The onset of summer and warmer weather means a change in clothes that are worn to work. One aspect to keep in mind is the attire that is appropriate. Many companies often have a dress code or polices for proper work attire. Wearing flip flops and tank tops are often not permitted by most businesses. Review a few tips to properly dress for work during the summer without violating any company policies.

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How to Plan a Baseball Outing for Your Workplace

A well-organized workplace event is a great way to use the occasion as a teamwork exercise. One option is to hold a baseball outing during the summer. People generally love being outdoors in the summer, so this can be a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while building camaraderie.  However, a few steps need to be followed to make it an enjoyable experience for all.

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5 Technology Companies That Give Their Employees The Most Awesome Perks

Are you new to the tech field and looking for a job that will suit your needs while also providing you with amazing perks and company benefits? Or are you simply a senior worker who wants to work for a company with a bit more freedom? Although most employer’s believe that a company’s benefits should only extend to health insurance, vacation time, maternity leave, and a rise or bonus here and there, many companies that are in the tech industry seem to have a different viewpoint. Tech companies tend to extend their benefits a lot further than most other companies, for example providing their employees with catered meals, a travel stipend, and even hosting a bring your dogs to work day and indoor slides. In this article, we will list the top five technology companies that strive to bring the most benefits and perks to their employees and staff.

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