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Successories is a classic brand with iconic product lines that will always be available, but with its sights set on the future, Successories is reinventing inspirational and motivational gifts. I can’t say much right now, but Successories is launching 4 new product lines, one of which is revolutionary… all of which have not been done before. Here are some clues to what is heading your way.

  1. One product line is inspired by our awards and recognition products. It rejuvenates the “standard job well done” award as well as boost the blood sugar during a long work day.
  2. Another exciting line is an art collection depicted the visages of Bravery, Courage, and Hope. These stunning pieces of wall art is an inspired addition to any room.
  3. From one of the greatest inspirational sports movies of all times comes a line of product based around the larger than life iconic sports hero that will always make us “Dream Big. Never Quit.”

Now, if you were counting, I originally said 4 product lines, but I’ve only hinted at 3… well, that’s because the 4th is Top Secret. Sorry.

Look for these amazing products in October on our website, in our catalog, and in SkyMall.

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Moving to Florida but Definitely Not Retiring….

We know it’s been and while and we’ve missed you too!! But we have an exciting announcement as we launch our new Successories blog today. Successories has been acquired by TWS Partnership, and after 24 years in Aurora IL, has moved its headquarters to Boca Raton, FL. This move not only signals a change in locale for our company, but signals a new era for our brand with the introduction of exciting new products, an enhanced website, and awesome new technologies to help us further spread our message of inspiration. Check out our latest press release about some of our changes ( feel free to alert everyone you know!!) and check back here regularly to find out more about Successories, our cool new products, and of course everything inspirational!

Successories, Inc. Acquired by TWS Partnership

Boca Raton Based Investment Group Buys 24 Year Old Iconic Brand

June 23, 2009, ( Boca Raton, Fl)- TWS Partnership announced today that it has acquired Successories (, a 24 year old company, that has served as the industry leader for inspirational and motivational products. Successories is renowned as the “arbiter of inspiration” in the workplace, motivating employees, lifting spirits, and spreading positive social messages throughout the work and home environment. TWS Partnership, an investment group that is controlled by brothers Ted and Warren Struhl, has a 20 year history of building and nurturing consumer and e-commerce businesses. With the purchase of Successories, the firm will strengthen further this iconic brand.

TWS will bring the brand into a new era with a multi faceted approach, including exceptional new products, a redesigned and enhanced website (, new and modern technologies, and a new leadership team. Successories, which has been based in Aurora IL, will move its headquarters to a new facility in Boca Raton, and will hire more than 50 new employees; bringing new jobs to the region. The company also plans to further expand its consumer business beyond its core corporate clientele, with its innovative product offerings and through social networking and other internet based programs.

“We are enthusiastic about the purchase and potential for growth for this brand,” says Warren Struhl Co-CEO of Successories. “Successories has a long history of being the leader in inspirational products and more importantly of spreading messages of inspiration and motivation. We know that with our enhancements we can add to Successories already impressive 10 million person customer base and further spread these positive messages during a time when everyone can use a little inspiration.”

Successories is available on the web at ,, and on with the Successories fan page.

For more information about Successories and the acquisition, please contact Rosie Mattio, Director of Public Relations, (917)583-6349/

ABOUT TWS PARTNERSHIP-TWS PARTNERSHIP is an investment firm focused on consumer and e-commerce businesses, founded by brothers Ted and Warren Struhl in 1988. The Firm began acquiring, developing, expanding and partnering with some of the most creative and well known businesses in 1993. TWS currently has a diverse portfolio including; Dale and Thomas Popcorn (, Popcorn, Indiana(, Vitals ( , (,Raspberry Red (, ( , (, (, Salad Creations (, White Cloud Consumer Products, and American Registry (,most recently TWS has acquired Successories ( . Previously TWS Partnership counted PaperDirect ( and ( as part of its holdings

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