If I Could Just Lose Those Last 10 Pounds…..

How many of us have uttered those words every Sunday night with the promise of starting the week off with a healthy attitude towards diet and exercise. Maybe it’s in hopes of fitting in to that dress, or making a splash at your high school reunion, or to be able to chase after your kids without being winded, each of us has our own motivation. However, one recent study out of Cornell University concludes that money isn’t a motivator for weight loss, that out of the over 2000 people studied, being offered money for weight loss was an ineffective tool. What motivates you to stay healthy and eat right? And more importantly what can you do to motivate others in your life? Could starting a weight loss challenge be the answer?

A little friendly competition may be the kick in the you know what that some people need, and banding together as a team to reach important health milestones can be an effective way to get the ball rolling on wellness, and may help individuals reach their weight loss goals. Here are some tips (from eHow) to starting a weight loss challenge at your office.

Together We Can!

Together We Can!

1- Send an office-wide email regarding your intention or post a notice on an office message board.

2- Host an initial meeting with interested individuals to determine the scope of the competition, a time frame, rules and a standard meeting time.

3- Determine whether the competition winner will be based on pounds lost, percentage of weight lost or the decrease of body mass index (BMI).

4- Nominate a group leader who will send out meeting reminders and contest updates.

5- Ask a dietician to meet with the group. Some members may be unfamiliar with what it means to eat healthy. Make sure everyone is educated with the proper tools to be successful with the diet.

6- Talk to your supervisor about company-offered incentives for weight loss. Some organizations will give group members time off during the day to exercise. This would be a perfect time for a group walk or an organized yoga session.

Truly remarkable accomplishments are within each of us.

Truly remarkable accomplishments are within each of us.

7- Gather with the group members frequently to keep everyone motivated and accountable. A great meeting time for an office weight loss group is over the lunch hour. Attendees can urge each other to make healthy lunch choices.

8- Encourage group members to bring healthy entrees to office gatherings. This will ensure there is a variety of options available.

Achieving a series of small goals can add up to a weighty triumph. Try to lose as much weight as this motivational paperweight each week and you’ll achieve the fab (no longer flab) figure in no time.

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