10 Ways to Retain Your Good Employees

Every year companies lose valuable employees due to many factors. The turnover rate for top employees is at an all-time high in the United States; mostly due to lack of proper leadership. Losing good employees can end up costing the company lots of money and time. To hire and train a replacement is a very expensive endeavor. Below you will learn 10 ways to keep your best employees working for you.

Keep your employees in the loop

Nothing is worse than lack of communication in the work place. Good employees often leave companies that don’t interact with workers on a regular basis. A great way to keep employees informed about what is going on with the company is to hold regular weekly meetings.

Let your employees have a voice

If you allow your workers to speak their minds, you just might learn something. Letting them have a say in how the company is run will keep them involved and productive. If a worker has good ideas, listen and follow through with it.

Set goals for your employees

Set clear and achievable goals for workers. Often times an unmotivated worker will feel bored and move on to a more challenging job. People like to feel needed; so setting companywide goals is a great way to keep those top workers happy and productive.

Give workers feedback

Whether positive or negative, letting employees know where they stand will keep them from wandering off. Performance reports are a great way to achieve this goal and should be given on monthly basis. Feedback is a great way to show you care and that you have noticed just how hard your good employees are working for you.

Show you care

Good leadership skills are a vital part of retaining employees. Letting your workers know you ‘ve taken notice of their hard work is a part of that. If a worker goes beyond the call of duty and finishes a project ahead of time, do something to reward them.

Create a fun work environment

Workers who feel bored will not be as productive and are more prone to leave. Play games, take breaks and conduct team-building exercises. These are great ways to break up the monotony of the working day and allow your workers to feel like a team.

Give bonuses for a good job

Workers who get paid more for working hard will stick around longer. Bonuses are a way to say thank you. Companies who give bonuses are often times more productive than those that don’t.

Give them a chance to move up

If you allow your employees a chance to move up in the company, they are more likely to stay. Workers who feel stuck in their job will often move on.

Give Raises

Nothing drives good workers away more than stagnant wages. Giving a cost of living raise once a year is a great way to keep your good employees working for you. Looking forward to a raise will keep workers happy and working hard.

Treat them the way you want to be treated

Respect goes both ways. Treating your workers with respect will make them feel valued. Yelling at employees is never a good idea. If you want to keep your good workers interact with them in a professional manner at all times.

What Should You Budget for Employee Gifts?

As a business owner, you are probably wondering how you go about determining what you should spend on gifts for your employees. It can be confusing trying to keep everything in order, while not shortchanging anyone on the gift exchange.
You might be clueless as to where to start when considering employee gift budget. To help you determine what you should spend on gifts for your employees, consider some of the following information.
Gifts Should Depend Largely Upon How Many Employees You Have
One of the first things to look at is how many employees your company has as a whole. If you are a large corporation with thousands of employees, you aren’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on one person for a gift. Can you imagine how much money that would rack up to when all is said and done? The expense would be astronomical.

Smaller companies can often afford to spend a little more on their employees because they want to let them know that they are valued and important to the overall operations of the business. Even though the employees for large corporations are just as important, they can easily be replaced by someone else who can fill the role.

.As a business owner, you want to make sure everyone feels important and valued, without breaking the bank account in the process. Choose gifts that still let employees know they matter, while saving on a large expense in the process.

Different Employees Should Receive Different Gifts
Think about this from the standpoint of the employee. If you had been with the company for 15 years and you worked your way up to a management position, would you want to receive the same gift as someone who has only been with the company for a few months? Of course not.

You need to think about what kind of role each individual has and give a gift accordingly. Don’t sit there and ignore those who helped build your company. You want to make sure everyone feels as if the job they are doing is adequate.

Instead of being confused about what to give or how much to spend, you need to start by creating a budget for how much total you are going to spend on gifts. Then, you can start breaking it down into departments, position and so on. It will help to simplify the process and save you a tremendous amount of hassle and headache.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and important, so you want to make sure you do your part to let your employees know they are.

How to Hold a Happy Hour – 4 Tips

Making sure that your employees are productive and happy is a critical component to how successful your business is going to be. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the costs involved with having to hire and train any new staff member is going to be far higher than the cost involved with retaining and investing in your current employees.

Happy hours are one way to keep your employees happy. They also keep the work place gelling together. There is a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh that actually proves that in moderate amounts alcohol improves social bonding.

But before you head off planning your next happy hour for your employees, here are four tips to make it a success:

They say Variety is the Spice of Life

Incorporate a number of different games for your happy hour event. It doesn’t matter whether those are card games, darts or something else. You want people to have options available to them. The last thing you want is to force people to participate in an activity because that is the only one you have.

Avoid Standing in Circles

Standing around in a small circle making small talk about what goes on at work isn’t what you want to be doing at the end of the week. Host a company-wide ping pong tournament, volleyball tournament or some other type of tournament where everyone can get involved, and excited about. Not only will everyone have a great time, but it beats standing around doing idle chit chat.

Mix Things Up

Don’t always do the same exact things for your happy hour. Each time, try and mix things up to create something new and exciting for everyone to do. Also, trying new activities each week keeps things fresh and who knows, you might stumble on something that is a great hit ­– and would want to make a permanent part of your happy hour routine.

Listen to What Your Employees are Telling You

Hosting your first happy hour is going to lead to plenty more down the line. Make you sure are listening to what your employees are telling you in terms of what they liked and what they think could be improved. You want to make the event as pleasurable as possible. If you want to take things over the top, create an app for employees to leave their feedback and comments on the events.


Seven Great Ways to Reward Hard Working Employees

One of the best ways to reward employees for a job well done is to set up an incentive program. Incentive programs work because employees who are motivated by a reward are far more likely to be productive than those who don’t have this option. Most companies that have installed an incentive program have reported a growth in overall productivity. They are a win-win situation for both the employer and the employees.

There are many types of incentives that are cost effective. I’ve compiled 7 of the top incentive choices for you:

1. Movie Tickets

For example giving away free movies tickets for two to a local cinema is a great way to reward employees. Tickets purchased in bulk may receive a discount, so it is a good idea to contact the cinema manager for further details. This is a great small reward that employees love to receive and it makes them feel appreciated.

2. Gift Cards
Another incentive that has become more popular these days are gift cards to retail establishments or restaurants. Gift cards are a great way to say thank you to an employee. They can use gift cards to purchase any additional items outside of their normal budget. Gift cards are a popular choice because of the flexibility they offer. Unlike movie tickets gift cards can be used to buy a wide range of items.

3. Pizza Party
If you are looking for a great way to say thank you to a number of people and not just one or two workers, having a company pizza party is a great way to do so. Most pizza restaurants will give you discounts for orders of a large number of pizzas and you can have the party during the lunch break so that you don’t lose valuable production time. Not only will you fill their bellies but you will also warm their hearts with this kind of incentive.

4. Your employee’s hobbies
If you are very close to your workers and you know a few things about their personal interests, a good incentive would be a gift that could enhance a hobby that they might love. For example, if you have an employee that loves fishing, you might buy them a fishing lure. If one of your workers love to garden, you might buy them a new garden tool set. This is a great way to personalize your incentive program and it really shows that you, as an employer really listen when an employee shares something personal about themselves.

5. Car Wash
Another personal incentive that almost every employee could benefit is having their personal vehicle washed. Let’s face it, everyone’s car gets dirty and having it washed free of charge is a great incentive. Contact your local car wash and arrange for a discount by purchasing gift certificates in bulk.

6. Donation
A less expensive but often very motivating incentive is to sponsor your employee’s favorite charity by placing a small donation in their name. This is a great way to give a worker a pat on the back and also give to a good cause at the same time. Workers love this because it shows that you care about what matters to them.

7. Casual Fridays
Finally, a very simple incentive that everyone seems to embrace is casual Fridays. By simply allowing your workers to dress in whatever attire they feel comfortable in, it really boosts morale.

These are just a few examples of incentive programs that really work to both boost morale and productivity in the work place. Try a few of these in your company and see just how great incentive programs can really be.

4 Ways to Keep Them Motivated in The Break Room

Are you looking for ways to motivate your employees? Or perhaps more specifically –you are wondering how you can use the break room to motivate your employees?

You’ve come to the right place.

In this article I’ll show you how you can use your break room to motivate, inspire and make the workplace fun for your employees.

1. Provide a Comfortable Space

The most important thing is to have a space that is comfortable because the number one things employee use a break room for is to rest during breaks, in between shifts.

Have enough seating available so that even if there are many employees using the break room at once, like during lunch, they all have seating to sit and rest. You can also go the extra mile and provide comfortable seating options like sofas.

2. Provide Coffee and Supplies

I really appreciate employers providing free break room amenities particularly free coffee. Your coffee station can be well stocked. The more flavors and extra options (hot chocolate anyone?) the better!

Think of this as an investment in your own business, because coffee is what keeps today’s office workers going. The more coffee your employees drink, the more productive they will be.

3. Free Lunch Once a Week

Many businesses provide free lunch/meals once a week. This makes your staff feel that you care about them. I was about to type that this feeling is something that you can’t buy– but realized that yes, it’s the only way to do so, and I highly recommend it!

Even if your budget allows you to do so only once a month – do it! In addition to your employees’ appreciation, this type of occasion builds camaraderie in the office.

4. Add Some Art to the Walls

When employees walk into the break room, they are usually tired from working. Give your break room a makeover, so it is revitalizing. You can accomplish this by using warm colors that are inviting and soothing.

Posting art with motivational quotes is a great idea for a break room. It not only provides lovely art to look at, there is the added element of motivation to put your staff in a better mood.

We at Successories specialize in this area. Check out our wide variety of high quality, motivational art.

5. Games

Games are a great way for employees to let loose and shake off the frazzled energy of work. Games also improve relationships because usually they require multiple players and teamwork.

Some of the best-known break room games are Foosball, Pinball, Air Hockey and Golden Tee.

6. Reading Materials

Employees find reading materials like magazines a good way to relax from work. Ask your employees what their favorite magazines or books are – subscribe to these and stock them in your break room.

7. Celebrate Holidays

Celebrating holidays like Halloween, St. Patty’s day or Christmas creates excitement in the office. It is something your staff will look forward to.

The break room of course plays a central role in holidays like these. It’s the place where the delicious food and the snazzy decorations are. Speaking of food, it is a good idea to have catered food for all your employees. If you’re on a budget, holding a Potluck works wonders.

Don’t forget to decorate the break room!


Fun Ways To Decorate Your Office Walls

There are a number of trendy and cute ways to decorate your office space. Some people choose to decorate their office with color-coded binders, while others like their desk to overlook the ocean or garden. Others opt for a gallery of prints that will inspire them throughout the course of the day.

Not everyone is able to create the office of their dreams or work from home. There are those who have no other choice but to work in a corporate office space. To help decorate your space and keep it looking trendy and hot, try incorporating a few of the tips and tricks below to see what you can create. Before you know it, you will have a space that looks amazing and helps to relieve some stress along the way.

Incorporate Plants into the Work Place

Regardless of whether you have a large office space or a tiny cubicle, adding in a couple of plants is a great way to bring a little life into the space. We all know how stressful it can be at the office, but thanks to plants that doesn’t have to be as big of an issue. Research shows that plants can help to lower your stress levels.

Hang Artwork or Inspirational Messages on Your Walls

Depending on what your specific style and taste is, you can hang any number of different pieces of artwork on your walls. Opt for something bright and colorful to lift you up and keep you going. Pieces that have inspirational messages are great to help motivate you to push forward. Check out our collection of motivational artwork. 

Personalize the Space with Photos of Family and Friends

For most people, some of their favorite photos around the office are those of their family, friends and things they love. It doesn’t matter if it is pictures of your wedding day, the kids or your favorite vacation spot. The whole thing about it is that you want something that you can sit back and reflect on to relax and enjoy your day at work.

Try Changing Up the Desktop on Your Computer

As simple as this might sound, many people don’t even think about it. They overlook their computers and view them as nothing more than a piece of office equipment. Try putting something on your computer that makes you feel inspired and happy throughout the course of the day.

There are a number of other ideas that you could use around your office to make it a place that is both motivating and relaxing. Hang a cute calendar, design a colorful bulletin board, paint the walls and have a basket of fruit nearby to munch on when you get hungry. Make sure to decorate your space with things that get you moving, while still being professional.

Have Fun and Be Stress Free

On average, business professionals have anywhere from 30-100 projects going on at any given time. Modern workers can be interrupted as much as seven times in an hour, thus losing 2.1 hours of work time every day. To top it off, four out of every 10 people are working in a large company that is in the middle of a major corporate overhaul. These individuals aren’t certain what their future holds in store for them. Needless to say, it makes sense why more than 40 percent of all adults have trouble sleeping at night. All they can do is think about all of the stress they endured throughout the course of the day. If you want to eliminate stress, try some of the following tips and tricks.

Take Time to Stretch and Get Moving

You don’t have to go out on a 5k run just to get a runner’s high. Any type of exercise, such as walking and yoga, can help to alleviate depression and anxiety through aiding the brain in releasing feel-good chemicals and providing your body with an opportunity to learn how to handle stress. A quick walk around the block, head down a few flights of stairs or take the stairs up to work and even doing some simple stretches is all it takes to ease tension and stress.

Work Along With Your Inner Body Clock

Perform a mental scan of your body to get an idea of how stress is affecting it every day. Lie down on your back, or you can sit with your feet flat on the floor. Begin with your toes and work all the way up to your scalp. Take time to notice how your body is feeling.

Being aware of those places where you feel loose or tight without trying to make any changes is important. For a minute or two, imagine every deep breath flowing down to those body parts. Continue repeating the process as you go through the different parts of your body, making sure to pay special attention to the sensation felt in each part of the body.

Humor Goes a Long Way

A good laugh doesn’t just help to lighten your load on a mental level, it also helps to lower your cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone in the body. Another great thing about laughter is that it helps to boost the chemicals in your brain, known as endorphins, to help lighten your mood. Lighten things up by turning to your favorite comedy Youtube clip, chat with someone who makes you laugh or read your favorite comic strip.

Squeezable Stress Relievers

The next time you feel stressed and need relief, try using one of our nifty squeezable stress relievers. You can choose from an array of different shapes, sizes and positive sayings to help you unwind and make it through the day. Just give it a couple good squeezes when the stress is getting too much; and feel that stress vanish from your body. These are great little tools that managers frequently gift their employees.

New Product Line… Need Your Help

As many of you know, Successories is releasing a new line of wall décor. We are bringing motivation to a new dimension. With its sleek reverse-beveled edge, this new product provides a 16”x24” full bleed image for our new modern motivational designs. On the cutting edge of inspiration, our customers can now create a unique focus on their organization’s goals with this new line of exclusive wood mounted wall décor.

Put the Spotlight on Customer Service!

Take time out to recognize the front-line contributions of your customer service staff during Customer Service Week, October 4-8 2010. By acknowledging the importance of their direct role in the success of the company, you’ll be arming them with a positive attitude that will be reflected in every customer interaction.

In addition to focusing on the customer service department, this special week provides the perfect opportunity to promote an internal customer service culture that links every member of your organization to the customer.

Exceptional Customer Service starts on the inside.

Though it’s easy to forget and often not recognized by companies, customer service is every employee’s job. Regardless of position or title, each employee serves someone else in the company with a service or product. It’s the IT worker ensuring flawless systems support to the finance manager who generates the detailed report that helps the product manager plan the new product line that will be executed by the product developer who creates the merchandise that will be purchased by the customer. When each “provider” in this service chain delivers quality service to their internal customers, the external customer is the ultimate winner.

This 360-degree approach to customer service has been transforming the workplace in recent years. With Customer Service Week just around the corner, now is the perfect time to incorporate this customer-centric strategy into your organization’s long-term plans.

Start building your internal customer culture with these easy-to-implement ideas:

  • Encourage spontaneous, year-round recognition. Pass out a service-themed lapel pin or medallion to each person in the company at the beginning of the year. During the course of the year, employees can use that item to reward an employee who has provided them with exceptional service. The excitement this type of program generates is infectious and highly effective.
  • Celebrate service as a company. Instead of holding a traditional year-end Customer Service department award ceremony, invite the entire organization to an “Excellence in Service” awards celebration. In addition to presenting your external Customer Service awards, recognize one individual in every department for providing extraordinary internal customer service during the year.
  • Instill customer culture in new hires. Train new employees to think like service providers from their very first day on the job. By providing them with a strong grounding in this initiative, you’ll find new hires to be important agents for change throughout the organization.

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Celebrate Your People

Take a day to celebrate those who connect with your customers and ultimately create success for your organization: your salespeople. Now would be a great time to create an awards program for all of your top performers…anyone who helps sell your product to the customer.

In an excerpt from his Power of One book, Companies Don’t Succeed, People Do!, Mac Anderson, the founder of Successories, shows us easy ways to recognize your top performers.

“Recognition is the art of making people feel important. Ongoing award programs that are consistently maintained, such as “Employee of the Month” awards for the company or department, can be extremely effective. Focus on the areas that fit your needs and you’ll create a recognition culture that will make your company a great place to work.

•Establish an “Extra Mile” award for extraordinary effort, a “Team Player” award recognizing an unselfish spirit, or “Customer Service” awards, which can be awarded for individual acts of service or for an employee’s outstanding attitude.

•Create sales awards for the day, the week, or the month.

•Start a “Rookie of the Year” award, presented to a new employee who has the best attitude or who has made a great contribution to sales or profits.

•Initiate productivity awards to celebrate contributions in manufacturing, warehouse and shipping environments.

•Don’t forget service awards to recognize key employee anniversaries such as 1, 5 and 10 years, as well as safety awards tied to employee accident records, and awards for outstanding suggestions.

The greatest teams are comprised of motivated and unselfish individuals. Your job as a manager is to build a great team and you know your success is tied to how well you can motivate each person to reach their full potential. You believe in the power of recognition and want to do more, but there is no formal support at the top. What do you do?

Act now. Go with your gut. Put your ideas into action! View it as an opportunity to blaze the recognition trail for your company. Your team will benefit, your company will benefit, and your career will benefit.”

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