Ten of the Best Companies to Work For

Fortune magazine has once again compiled its list of the ten best companies from the workers point of view. This 2014 roundup is a mix of high-tech, consulting, financial and construction businesses from around the United States. A brief synopsis of each company follows:

 One: Google

This internet behemoth, based in Mountain View, California but with a global reach, has a reputation for philanthropy. It’s stock stays strong, and the company has over a 20% job growth rate.

It is known for its amenities including fitness centers and cafes on campus.

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Managing Employee Requests for Time Off during the Summer

When summer comes around, it’s time for employees to joyfully make travel plans. For supervisors, it’s time to pull out their hair and clench their teeth.

Everyone agrees that vacations are essential for healthy, happy workers. Annual rest and rejuvenation also make for a more efficient worker.

But covering a staff member’s duties and keeping the workload moving smoothly can be difficult. Planning around employee vacations is an art form. Without proper preparation and guidelines, a rest period for one member of the staff can easily become a stress-filled week or two for his colleagues.

You can reduce the tension and keep the work flow humming by instituting a vacation policy. Three basic practices will reduce stress for those covering and reduce frustration for those trying to get certain dates off.

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FREE Ebook: How to Build an Employee of the Month Program

Do you want to

• increase job satisfaction?

• improve morale at all levels?

• reduce turnover among your staff?

An Employee of the Month program, well planned and carried out, can contribute substantially to all three. For companies all over the country, it is an effective motivator for the workforce.

Here are six basic steps that will result in a workable, beneficial program, all aspects of sound planning, good communication, open involvement of staff at every level, and lots of publicity for the program and the winners.

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Employer Decisions That Drive Employees Crazy

In a chaotic work environment, busy can be construed as proof of productivity. Eventually the bottom line will prove it just ain’t so. But meanwhile, managers with clenched jaws and a rata-tat-tat communication style will be effective at driving their employees crazy.

Here are the sure signs that something is amiss in your department’s management style.

 Everything is important.

It probably is, but the good leaders choose and prioritize. Crazed supervisors, on the other hand, show how they value the importance of every piece of work that passes their desk by making each and every task equally urgent.

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