About Successories

Late in 2008, TWS Partnership acquired Successories, a 24 year old company that has served as an industry leader for inspirational and motivational products. TWS Partnership, an investment group that is controlled by brothers Ted and Warren Struhl, has a 20 year history of building and nurturing consumer and e-commerce businesses. Sensing the potential for growth in both the category and the brand, the Struhls had been following Successories for over 15 years and had even made an initial bid on the company back 1993. With its broad selection of plaques, posters, artwork, desk ornaments and other motivational keepsakes, it seemed a perfect fit for the brothers who have always taken pride in motivating and inspiring their own employees, friends and families.

Founded in 1985 in Aurora, Illinois, Successories started as a catalog featuring inspirational items targeted primarily at businesses.  Since then, the company has steadily grown to a multi-faceted brand with over 10 million business and consumer customers.  The first Successories retail store opened in 1991 with the Successories.com website launching in 2000.

Since its acquisition, the company has relocated to a new modern facility in Boca Raton, Florida, and has embarked upon a major enhancement of its website. In addition, exciting new products are being added to its roster, which take advantage of advanced personalization possibilities.  Renowned photographers and artists have been recruited to Successories ranks bringing with them images of unparalleled beauty.

Under the leadership of its new and dynamic owners, Successories, the celebrated “arbiter of inspiration” will continue motivating employees, lifting spirits, and spreading positive social messages throughout the work and home environment.


  1. I,m looking for a discontined print that was published in 1998 with a quote from Magellan the courage to suceed a freind of mine has a copy and it inspires everyone who sees it how do If find one.

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