The Must Give Gift of 2009

1. Because Flowers Die, Chocolates get eaten, and Gift cards are so cold! Give a gift that will inspire for years to come!

2. When was the last time you were psyched about a gift you GAVE!

3. Nobody will re-gift this gift!

4. In less time than it takes to get a boring generic gift you can create a personal one – Plus, all items ship within 2 business days of order!

5. The perfect gift for personal or professional giving – or create one for your own desk or wall.

6. A priceless gift at a price within your budget – You’ll be blown away!

7. Stunning images from some of the world’s finest photographers — No hackers here! Plus inspiring quotes from history’s greatest – or use your own words of wisdom.

8. Your name will be “Front and Center” on the recipients desk or wall – Gotta love that!

9. You’’ll be an early adopter of the latest innovation in gifts – handcrafted by Successories®

10. We have been handcrafting museum quality art and framing pictures for over 25 years – we are so confident you will love this product we offer a 90 Day “No Hassle Guarantee”!

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Design Your Inspiration Weekly Twitter Contest

It is day 4 of the DYI Weekly Twitter Contest. So far hundred have entered. It’s really easy to do just like building your own DYI.

If you have a twitter account and you are following Successories or 859am, just tweet the url of your favorite inspirational image along with #DYI. The winner will receive a gift certificate for the Desktop DYI of their favorite image, a $45 value! The winner will be selected at random and will be announced on Monday!

So get started by finding your favorite inspirational now! Click here!

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Inspiring a team with DYI

Inspiration is a priceless gift. And that is exactly what an ivy league university’s professor was thinking when he purchased a DYI gift to be presented to the Lacrosse Team during their annual pep rally. It will hang on the wall with the teams other successes, plaques, trophies, and banners, as a reminder that their achievements are not small or easy feats.

DYI No Small Climb

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Reinventing the Inspirational Gift!

Successories has reinvented the inspirational gift and in the process created the must give gift of 2009.

As Warren Struhl, Chief Inspiration Officer of Successories, always says, “Flowers die, pens dry out, and gift cards are so cold. That’s why we created DESIGN YOUR INSPIRATION, a gift that is inspirational, personalized and designed by you!”

DYI (a.k.a. Design Your Inspiration) is a personalized gift becomes a timeless keepsake. It’s a gift of a lifetime that lasts a lifetime.

The best ideas are the simple ones and Design Your Inspiration is simple and easy to do. (Watch Video Below). Find an inspirational photo, choose and inspirational quote (or write your own) and add a personal message. Then just frame it, mat it, and ship it!


Inspire Someone: Your boss, your employee, your child’s teacher, your doctor, your team, your family, or even yourself!

So why not design your inspiration now. Click Here to Begin.

We are still in Beta testing, so our early customers Get 20% OFF… just use code: BETA20 and give us feedback here or clicked on the icon in the lower right corner of the DYI website!

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Cranky Co-Workers Day

If you’re happy and your know it, clap your hands! … The one not clapping over there is probably your cranky co-worker. Some of us are luckily enough to be doing something we love, but others might not love their jobs. But that’s no reason for having a cranky cubical. So cheer up because today is Cranky Co-Workers Day.

Successories has lots of desktop products to motivate a smile on your face. From our Positive Pals to our Motivational Rubik’s Cube, we have the tools to crank out the cranky.

 Learn to balance work and play... or just play at work.

Learn to balance work and play... or just play at work.

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